I use Apple Music and have problems storing or playing my Music

This guide should help if you have 1 of the following problems:

  • You cannot save music from Apple Music onto a MoodBlock (e.g. when you get an error called “invalid link”)
  • You can store Apple Music content onto a MoodBlock but when you tap a MoodBlock to play music and then click on the notification the MoodBlocks App opens but music does not start playing.

1. Make sure you can play the Music from the Sonos App

First, we need to make sure that your system is working fine. Please open the Sonos App and try to play music from your Apple Music account. Please make sure that you don’t use the Apple Music app to test this but the Sonos App.

  • Open the Sonos App
  • → Click on “Search” in the bottom menu
  • image
  • → Search for an Album like “Kiasmos” by Kiasmos
  • → Play the album

Does this work?

✅ Yes. Ok, your system is working fine. The problem is most likely caused by the type of content you’re trying to use with MoodBlocks. Please move on to the next step.

❌ No, I cannot find or play an album from Apple Music through the Sonos App. Ok, we need to make sure Apple Music is setup properly first. Please follow the following guide to make sure that your music service is working properly first. Once you have done this, please repeat this step.

2. Check if you can save and play an album using a MoodBlock

Apple Music doesn’t allow us to store every type of music from Apple Music onto a MoodBlock and play it on Sonos.

Apple Music

  • ✅ Albums
  • ✅ Playlists
  • ✅ Artists
  • ✅ Apple Radio Stations
  • ❌ TuneIn Radio Stations
  • ❌ Apple Curators
  • ❌ Individual Songs / Tracks

To check that there is no issue with the content, please test the following:

  • Open the the Apple Music app
  • → search for an album. In this case we’re looking for the album “Kiasmos” by Kiasmos.
  • → Click on the 3 dots “…” and “Share Album”
  • → Click on “Copy” to copy the link to the album to your clipboard
  • → Switch to the MoodBlocks app to save the link from your clipboard to a MoodBlock.
  • → Tap the MoodBlock to play the Music. Once you click the notification that appears after you tapped on the MoodBlock, does the MoodBlocks App open and does music start playing as expected?
  • ✅ Yes. Ok great, we’re glad we could help. Please stick to Albums and Playlists for now. We’re in contact with Apple to also enable other forms of contents like radio stations.
  • ❌ No. Did you follow the steps above but you still have trouble saving or playing music? Please move on to step 3.

3. Still have an issue?

If the problem still persists, please reach out to us at hi@moodblocks.com. We will try to help you as quickly as possible.