How do I mount MoodBlocks onto my wall?

There are two main options for mounting your MoodBlocks on a wall:

1. Using the included adhesive stickers

Each MoodBlocks package comes with small, transparent adhesive stickers. Simply place one of the stickers on the back of a MoodBlock and attach the block to your wall. The stickers are made from a special material that won't damage most walls. To remove a block attached to a wall using the included stickers, gently twist the block until it detaches from the wall. Don't try to pull the block away from the wall without twisting it. The block and sticker may work again after removal, but it is not guaranteed.

2. Using our Aluminum wall mount

Our aluminum wall mount allows you to place and remove blocks from your wall. This is especially useful if you plan to hand blocks to someone, like your kids, or if you're using MoodBlocks with MoodPlay. If you don't have a wall mount yet, please check them out here.

Once you receive the wall mount, remove the plastic covering the adhesive strip on the back. Carefully choose a spot on your wall where you would like to place the wall mount. Ensure the wall mount is level with the wall and press it onto the wall. You can now place and remove MoodBlocks as you like. Please be cautious when removing the wall mount to avoid damaging your wall. To do this, gently and slowly twist the wall mount. Different wall materials may cause visible blemishes on your wall, and therefore, we cannot guarantee that there won't be any.